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The truth about hiding from pain

By Brandon Luke / September 13, 2017
The truth about hiding from pain

"I'm never going to let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me. Cuz every time I open up it hurts.

So Im never going to get too close to you, even when I mean the most to you. In case you go and leave me in the dirt."

Today I heard these words in a super beautiful song by Sam Smith. The song is titled "Too good at goodbyes"

The words are lovely in a song, but is this the type of life someone would want to live? Sadly, I see it every day, a society full of people who have a fear of being vulnerable because it might lead to some pain.

Leading a "safe" life will only lead to regrets. When we are moments from dying, will we remember all the times we were safe? Or, will we regret all the opportunities we didn't take?

Five words I live by are:

Learn to love what hurts.

I repeat this to myself multiple times daily. It started when I suffered a back injury. The doctors gave me two choices. Get surgery or learn to live with the pain. The horror stories of back surgery are plentiful, so I chose to live with the pain. What they didn't tell me is the pain would make me stronger. I had to figure it out on my own while I was in the gym.

Since then, I gravitate towards the choices that are not easy and have the potential to bring physical, or mental pain, inconveniences, or things that are uncomfortable.

Can emotional pain make us stronger?

Yes, but most confuse being cold as strength. The masses face emotional pain and become cold to the outside world, shutting out the chance for meaningful happiness.

Becoming cold is not strength.

It's easy to become cold and shut everyone out!

The hard choice is to let people inside.
The tough option is being vulnerable, and opening yourself up to more pain.
Embrace the potential for pain, and the path might lead to happiness. If not, you learn a lesson. Either is a win in my book.

Sounds simple, but it takes practice. I hope more people can embrace the possibility of pain for the chance to attain happiness, and avoid regret.

About the author

Brandon Luke

Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.

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