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The high cost of relationship choices

the high cost of relationship choices

​The High Cost Of Relationship Choices

I am going to share a common saying among real estate investors with you:

Invest for the cash flow in the present, not for appreciation of the future.

If you are not familiar with real estate investing, this simply means to make a decision on purchasing an asset based on if the asset has a positive cash flow right now, not for any gains (appreciation) you think will happen in the future. Every day you are making an important investment with your time in the form of a relationship with another person.

Time is our most valuable resource

Time is the one thing that is most valuable in our world. So why do we not treat it that way? In the relationship area we devote massive amounts of time to individuals, who seem to have potential, but the reality is they may just be a constant source of negativity, a drain on your wallet, a mosquito sucking from your emotional bank account daily. During this time we keep telling ourselves they have the ability to be more, but sadly sometimes we are wrong, and we have to cut the connection in so that we are not sucked down the toilet with them. It may sound harsh, but this is vital to protect our valuable time from being squandered on the wrong person.

What are the opportunity costs of our decisions?

Every day I see people close to me staying in relationships they admit not happy being with. I see others too scared to start new relationships, and everything else in between. What do all these situations have in common? Opportunity costs.

An opportunity cost in the relationship context would be what you missed out on because your decisions to stay with someone you are unhappy with, or someone you missed out on because of the inability to develop a relationship. Both scenarios are caused by the fear of the unknown.

Are you contributing daily?

Both partners in a relationship should contribute something positive to the other daily. No exception. Every day the partnership should be getting stronger, and accomplishing more. If you find yourself constantly contributing but receiving nothing- it’s time to eliminate.

If you find yourself perpetually single because you are fearful of what may happen, the costs are the same as if you were in a bad relationship. Someone perfect for you could be in front of your face right now, but your mind continually focuses on your fears and does not allow anything to progress, and inevitably that person is going to move on.

Take the time you are giving, and the time others give to you seriously. It’s the most valuable gift to give.

In closing, be mindful of the relationship decisions that are made every day. When thoroughly examined they could be imposing a high cost on your quality of life. Every decision should bring value back, while doing your best to bring value to the lives of others.

Have a story about investing time in the wrong person? Or losing someone great because of your fear to be in a relationship? Share it in the comments so others can benefit from a lesson learned.

"Time is the one thing that is most valuable in our world. So why do we not treat it that way?"

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"Both partners in a relationship should contribute something positive to the other daily. No exception."

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