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Someone gave you 1 billion dollars, now what?

By Brandon Luke / February 8, 2016
someone gave you 1 billion

"The more you learn, the more you earn" - Warren Buffet

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Let’s get something straight right now, no one is going to give you 1 billion dollars, even Mr. Obama does not have that power, but it’s fun to imagine things, so right now someone just gave you 1 billion dollars. What will you do with it?

Go ahead and take a few minutes right now to make a list of the top 10 things you would do with the money.

No really, write this stuff down.

Today I was browsing my social media, looking for knowledge, motivation, and lessons and I came across the question pictured below

someone gives you 1 billion dollars

I began to read through the responses, and frankly I started to become disgusted at the answers, because not one person was thinking about the improvement they could make in their own life. Check out some of the responses

I scrolled down through comment, after comment, after comment of the same stuff. This is the exact reason lottery winners go broke. They have the wrong money habits burned so deep into their brain, they don't even realize whats going on until the money has vanished. I was the same way, until I started training my brain to adopt new habits. After the torturous reading of all the comments that were there at the time, this was my contribution to the discussion.  

Yes you read that right..... "with a billion  dollars, who needs skills"      

Keep in mind that this question was posted in the “Smart Passive Income” community, and I really thought the people there would care more about themselves, and those around them. Most of the individuals were choosing to squander the cash on the same things that make their cash disappear right now. Having a billion dollars would just allow them to waste it a higher level, but hey who needs skills, right?


The habits you practice with the money are the problem. If you have bad habits with 1 thousand dollars, you will have bad habits with 1 billion dollars. Practice on becoming someone who can create money, not the person who just consumes, and notice I said the word PRACTICE, having good habits with money is not going to come overnight, but you have to start with the small things, example: when someone asks you what you would do with 1 billion, 1 million, or 1 thousand dollars. If you can make the right choices in a hypothetical situation you will make the right choices when 1 thousand dollars falls in your lap. Start training your brain to make the choices that will bring value back to your life.

So instead of writing a long response to all these individuals, which would most certainly fall on deaf ears, I decided to deposit the lesson that I learned from this in The Round Life vault, and hopefully it brings some value to someone who wants to change their habits with money.

If someone walked up and dropped 1 billion in my lap these are the 5 things I would do.

1. Be selfish until I can be generous- I would not be paying off anyone’s debt, I would not be buying a house for mom, I would not be going on vacations, or buying islands. Why, you ask? Because I realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to accomplish all my goals, and if I accomplish my goals I will be able to do more than just hand out some cash to those around me 1 time.

If I take the homeless guy on the corner to the closest fast food spot for a burger with my last 5 dollars, guess what- Now we have 2 hungry people instead of 1.

Instead, what if  bought a book with that 5 dollars that taught me how to make 10 dollars every day. Now, my homeless friend and I have full bellies every day. I was selfish until I could be generous. 

2. Hire a self-made billionaire mentor (or two) (or 10) - Most anyone that did not inherit a billion dollars probably knows how to CREATE, a billion dollars. An example that pops into my head is Elon Musk. He invested every penny that he made from Paypal, into Tesla, and SpaceX. He did this because he knows how to create the money over and over again. Money is everywhere; the value is in the knowledge.

3. Network with billionaires- That billionaire mentor(s) that I hired in step 2 is probably out doing billionaire things day and night with other people that have more knowledge that I do. Guess what; I want to know what these things are that he/she is doing so that I can do them too. I want to meet the teams of people who work with them, and for them. I want to see how the billionaire machine is built and operated

4. Purchase Cash Flowing Apartment Complexes- With enough cash flowing real estate I will be able to keep paying that billionaire mentor, while taking care of my day to day expenses as well as a lot of other things on my quest for knowledge.

5. Create 1 billion dollars that didn’t have to be dropped in my lap- With the knowledge, network, and cash flow I have built up, I will be able to create 1 billion dollars over, and over again. Then I can give to charities every month for the rest of my life, I can give family, and friends money for the rest of their lives, after I die multiple generations after me will prosper because I am able to be selfish right now, and make the right choices.

Thanks for taking the time to read this; I would just like to leave you with one thought.

If you make 1000 dollars tomorrow, don’t be the one burning it up on things that are not bringing value back. Treat it like it was a billion, a once in a lifetime opportunity, invest the cash in things that will allow you to create that 1000 dollars over and over again, until you can create hundreds of thousands, and then millions, and hopefully one day, billions.

Be selfish, get a mentor, be around the people who are doing what you want to do, and purchase assets that will pay you every month without punching a clock. None of these things require a billion dollars to do right now. They just require time, and the right choices. You have both.

Where would you be right now if you had made the right choices with money 10 years ago? Where can you be in 10 years if you start making the right choices today? Share with me in the comments.

Share these words with your friends, family, and networks if you think it will bring value to them.​

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Brandon Luke

Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.

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