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Quick Thought – Mindset – Why its an important tool

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all.”- Dale Carnegie

Success in any new business venture will be determined on the ability to keep going when everything is screaming for you to give up. I had a conversation with a new entrepreneur within the last two weeks. He explained to me that he has been working on his new website for a couple of months, and he was ready to give up because he had not made any sales. This statement highlights what I feel is one of the most important aspects of personal development, and one of the most critical tools for success. The growth mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset, or a fix mindset?

A fixed mindset voice will say “I can’t do it” or “It’s too hard” or something similar in nature.

A growth mindset voice will say “I can’t do it yet”

If you feel that your mindset is not where it should be, make it a daily priority to develop this important tool for your success. The mind will always be the first to quit when faced with adversity. Simple daily tasks will increase discipline, and train the brain to keep moving when things go wrong. Train yourself to recognize when your brain is looking for reasons to quit, and take control. 

To help you, I am sharing a Tedx talk by Eduardo Briceño on the subject. Hope you enjoy.

Have a story about the development of your mindset, or the challenges you have encountered because of a fixed mindset? Share it below in the comments so others can benefit from the information.

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Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.

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