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How to work for yourself instead of a company

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune”- Jim Rohn

You’re sick. You have managed to drag yourself into the job all week. It’s finally Friday; the long, exhausting week that has beaten you down is almost at its conclusion, but wait…not so fast! The boss just asked you to come in tomorrow. It’s not mandatory, but it would really “help the company out”

What would be your normal answer? Yes or no.

From what I have observed in others around me is the most common answer would be to put the needs of the company before your own. Everyone wants to be the team player; everyone wants to do their part. Everyone doesn’t want to let the boss down. My question to you is:

While you’re making the company interests a priority, who is making your health, wealth, love, and happiness a priority?

When you don’t take care of yourself because of the hours you spend at work, and you break down, and your ability to perform the job goes away, is the company going to keep you around?

In ancient times there were rock quarries where slaves would toil away day after day, putting their sweat, blood, and tears into making the machine turn. Day after day- Year after year. 

When they were finally too broken to break the stones, they would be killed and thrown in a pit, on a pile of those that came before, and a new replacement would be brought in to keep the machine turning.

Broken and forgotten, they lay dead in a pit, while the machine keeps going.

There is a modern day institution that follows this same pattern; can you guess what it is?

Next time you are in Wal-mart, grab a bite to eat, sit down and observe the employees. Especially the ones who look like they have been working there a while, what I observe is that a high percentage of them do not walk right.

Why can't they walk right?

 Because the years of blood, sweat, and tears they have put into their job has broken their back. Literally!

They are one heavy lift away from being out of a job, and possibly losing everything they have worked so hard for.

Think about this for a second:

If you lost your ability to do your job, where would your money come from?

Could you and your family have the same quality of life without your income?

The purpose of this writing is not paint Wal-Mart, or any other business as the enemy. Corporations have their own purpose. The point of this writing is to provoke thought in the individual, and to help as many people as possible realize that the purpose of any business is not to take care of the employee. The purpose of a business is to keep the machine turning so that profit can come in, and that is OK for them, but for you, not so much.

Your purpose must be to make your health, wealth, love, and happiness a priority. Be a good employee, but put as much time as possible into improving yourself.

You are your own business.

Even with just one article read, one workout, or one networking meeting a week, you can increase your knowledge, increase your skills, increase your networks, increase your action, and increase your fitness. Invest all the free time you have, and even while at work if you can manage it, while still performing your job satisfactorily.

In closing, making yourself a priority will not come overnight. It will take lots of practice, and discipline to undo common thought process of putting job needs ahead of your own. One thing that has helped me is when my brain says “It can’t be done” I recognize it, and instead ask myself “How can it be done”

Example: I want read a book every week, but I work long shifts, and have kids at home. The first reaction of the brain will be to say “it can’t be done because I work to many hours, and my kids take up the rest of my time’

Your brain will always take the easy way out! Which comes in the form of “I can’t”

Recognize this when it happens

Then ask “How can I read a book a week” then start writing down everything you think of, no matter how crazy it seems. Maybe there is an audio version of the book you can listen to on the drive to and from work, maybe you can read on your lunch break, maybe you can read 15 minutes before bed. Combine everything to get the goal accomplished

The small steps will add up to huge achievements.

Don’t let the machine break you down, and discard you when you are not useful.

Invest in the incremental improvement of your health, wealth, love, and happiness consistently until you can discard the machine!

Do you know someone who would benefit from making themselves and those around them a priority, instead of sacrificing all their time to a job? Share this article with your friends, family, and networks with the hope that at least 1 of them will put their health, wealth, love, and happiness 1st in 2016

About the author

Brandon Luke

Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.


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