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How to know if you treat your future like a hobby

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Everybody wants something, but not everyone gets what they want. Will you get the success you want?

In my own opinion, those of us who do not get the success we are looking for is because we are treating it like a hobby instead of a priority.

This week I connected with two fellow success seekers through the smart passive income group on social media. I spoke with the two of them over the last week, reviewed the projects each  had going. Through these conversations I learned a few new things that I did not know, which is why having conversations with like-minded individuals is important. More importantly the conversations allowed me to learn more about the mindset of the individuals I was speaking with. Here are some of the things they told me that I feel can be used as lessons for getting mindset where it needs to be.

(When asked how an article that was planned for the week turned out) “Still not done yet, been brutal at work this week”

If not now, when? Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, we will never have enough time, the moment will never be right, and the bottom line is we must make our success a priority, no matter what, nothing must stop progress. When a new project is started there must be a “why”. This will be the one thing that will push you to complete all the daily tasks you have set for yourself no matter what obstacle is in your way. I have repeatedly heard the “why” should put you in tears when you think about it, if it doesn’t you will quit every time you face adversity. I agree

(During a conversation about to-do lists) “I have a list as well, had to accept that it’s not all gonna get done from time to time”

Habits take over your brain, and then every part of your life. Habits start with the thoughts in your head. If you do the right thing with the small stuff every time, it will carry over to the big stuff. To me, the above statement is training the brain to think that it’s OK to break a promise to yourself. If you can't keep a promise to yourself, how are you going to keep your word to anyone else?

Grant Cardone has an exceptional chapter in his book “The 10x Rule” on taking responsibility in life, and in this chapter he says “Don’t be a little Bitch” Would I choose the same words? Yea, I probably would. If you’re committed to your project, the to-do list will move it forward everyday by accomplishing tasks you have listed. Stop being a little bitch, clean out the excuses in your brain, and keep your promise to yourself. When this is done consistently, progress will be made.

The next thing I learned from these individuals doesn’t have a quote to go with it, but it’s thinking you know everything, when you don’t even know the basics, while being closed minded to all other ideas.

Everyone has something to teach.

Let me repeat that- Everyone has something to teach.

If you go through life with a closed mind you will learn nothing new. One of the individuals I was having a conversation with was totally closed off to the outside world, or at least it seemed that way to me. She had read a few books, and was a part of a group that I had never heard of, and in her mind she had it all figured out. Her project was helping other cure lower back pain with alternative techniques, and coaching, but had no idea who her ideal customer is, and was convinced that she could build a huge engaged audience in a couple months by using an excel spreadsheet with 20 motivational quotes that would be posted 4 times a day, and by becoming an “Influencer” with 1 article that she had written on the subject of back pain which she was going to submit to the NEW YORK TIMES and the HUFFINGTON POST.

I try not to tell anyone that something cannot be done, so I asked how long she thought it would take to get this one article accepted at these publications- her reply- “a few weeks” to which I asked “do you have contacts there?” and I got the reply of “No”

Right at that moment, I started asking myself “have I ever been, or am I being this delusional when it comes to my goals” My answer is Yes! At one point I was. The story about that will have to be in another post. The best lesson I can take from this is to always find someone who is where you want to be, and study them. How long did it take them to do what they did, what were their mistakes, how can you avoid those mistakes.

What made matters worse; this individual was completely oblivious to any suggestions on new strategies from anyone.

In closing, the lessons that were reinforced for me, during these conversations, and that I hope will help you by reading this, were to always keep an open mind, make success a priority, do what you say you will do, take responsibility for everything, and don’t be delusional.

Have you learned any lessons from people you have interacted with? Share them below in the comments!

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Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.

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