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Brandon Luke

Brandon Luke is a U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author who helps individuals improve their Health, Wealth, Love, and happiness though daily incremental improvement in each area.


Is your success keeping you poor?

By Brandon Luke / September 3, 2015

Many in society today define success as having a good job, a car, a roof overhead, an expensive shiny piece of paper that is called a degree, and if the sun is really shining, a home that has your name on the title, success is defined by all the pretty things that can be bought. […]


Boost your credit score 40 points in 90 days

By Brandon Luke / August 30, 2015

  boost your credit score 40 points in 90 days   Everyone wants the magic bullet About 7 months ago, I made the commitment to myself to get my credit score over 750 within 24 months, and in this blog post I am going to share with you the magic bullet that will boost your […]

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